DailyFabContent for Chiropractors

We provide interesting fresh content for your Facebook, Twitter and G+ accounts at an affordable rate of $99/month.

What We Do?

We provide interesting fresh content for your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus at $99 / Month.

As a chiropractor, its not easy to keep your social media channels updated. It is difficult t to find time or the know-how to update your social media channels on regular basis.

There are many marketing plans available in the market which guide and teach email marketing, social marketing and claim to automate everything. What they CANNOT automate is producing interesting and engaging content on daily basis.

We ensure that when your potential customers or friends are looking at your social media channels, you are not only there but you are there consistently. This establishes your reliability and approachability as a chiropractor.


All included for just $ 99/month:

Only one customer in entire year and the service pays for itself. Insanely priced but gracefully delivered.

  • Customized content with and without images posted once a day, 7 days a week on Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Business specific content specifically written for your business.
  • Unlimited Email, chat and phone support.
  • Promotion of your products and services to your social communities.
  • Profile optimization and content optimization for maximum search benefit.
  • Expertise on social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Google+,LinkedIN, Pinterest and YouTube channels.
  • Promoting specific deals and offers to your social media audience
  • Interactions and Fan-Follower building plans
  • Better customer engagement & referrals – New customers

Can I see some sample posts you make on daily basis?

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Questions We’re Asked A Lot…

How does it work?

DailyFabContent originally began as a digital marketing agency, so support is in our DNA. When you become part of our tribe you are immediately assigned to work with a Content Marketing Strategist. The content strategist would be an experienced content marketer who understands your business and what form of content would excite and engage your audience  on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. He would be your single point of contact for all your questions / suggestions and comments. You can directly reach him via emails or calls and he’s ensure that all your marketing requirements are understood well and action-ed in the best possible manner.

How much does DailyFabContent cost?

The investment in DailyFabContent is starting at $99/month. We have no setup fee and no contract and we even have an online only special which includes a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The statistic that makes us the most proud is our 97% retention which means that we create happy chiropractors who stay, pay, and refer because the power is in the pack!

How do I get started?

The first step is to sign up for an appropriate package. The $199 package is the most popular package as it offers content posting and fan / follower building both. Once sign-up is completed you will be greeted by a quick thank-you page and small survey form to collect important information about your business. A Content Marketing Strategist would be assigned to your business who would research your business and begin creating / posting on your social media pages in 5- 7 working days time. The content marketing strategist would be your single point of contact for all your marketing requirements. He’d be responsible to send you monthly reports, get relevant information from you and ensure posting proper deals and posts on your social media pages.  We also invite you to join our Private Facebook Group so that you can begin to experience the culture!

What kind of involvement is required from a chiropractor?

Every aspect of the DailyFabContent program is designed to save you time, make you money, and ensure engaging and involving social media pages for your business. We know that your time is limited. There is absolutely ZERO efforts involved on your part after your sign up. We just need you to sign up, provide us the access to your social media accounts and have fun. Just see your accounts active with interesting posts on daily basis. Simply get ready to adjust more of the right new patients.

ZERO Effort Social Media Updates

  • No Efforts… Just sign up, fill in the basic details and get ready to handle new patients. Its that simple!
  • Engaging Content…Well researched engaging content written specially for you by content marketing experts. Chiropractors love to read the posts we publish themselves as well 🙂 Your audience would love you for sharing such content.
  • Single point of contact… Your content marketing strategist is your single point of contact. Save time, Share deals and offers with him to be posted on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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