If you are looking for a super-easy way to make money and provide additional services to your clients, should be your first choice. Our resellers are making thousands of dollars just by reselling our services.

We offer two types of reseller programs.

Option 1 – Normal Reseller

Suitable for students, marketers, small business owners, freelancers or anyone looking to make extra money by referring clients to our services.

Under our normal reseller program, as a reseller you just refer small businesses you think can benefit from our services using a referral code provided to you. We provide excellent content for social media sites at a crazy rate. When you refer your friends, other businesses to us, the business benefits from our exceptional content services and you make money just for your referral.

As a normal reseller, you act not only as a referrer but a brand ambassador of . You are required to explain our services to end customers and ensure they remain satisfied. You might be required to answer some questions, talk to the clients on monthly basis just to ensure satisfaction.

How it works:

  • Fill up the contact form on our site to sign up for as a normal reseller
  • Our team would generate a reseller referral code which would be unique to you
  • Explain our services to your friends / small businesses and ask them to sign up to our site using the referral code
  • Relax and make money on your sale and every month thereafter
  • Ensure that the client is satisfied by making a call every month

Payment terms:

You make 100% of the first month’s payment for the client you refer and 7% per month thereafter. As an example, if you refer a $99/month client to you make $99 plus $6.93 every month.

Payments are made at the end of 3rd month of the services to the clients. Our preferred mode of payment for reseller services is paypal.

Reselling our services is simple – demand is huge as every small businesses owner struggles to keep their social presence up-to-date. Solutions available currently are either too costly or does not serve the purpose. Just spare a couple of hours a week and you’d be on your way to making hundreds of dollars a month. And what more, the people you refer would be happy and would Thank you for your referrals.

What if I make a referral but the referral code does not get registered?
In a rare situation where a referral code does not get registered even though you’ve made a referral, don’t worry. You are 100% covered for all your referrals. Just email us with the business details within 7 days of their sign up and upon verification, we’d be able to add the business to your referral list and ensure you get all the referral benefits for the same.

Fill up the contact form here to get started

Option 2 – White Label Reseller Option

This reseller program is ideal for Marketing Agencies, SEO Firms, Web Design & Development Firms, Business Consultants, Internet Marketers, and Social Media Professionals who want to appear as full service operations to their clients but need providers to manage their clients social media profiles.

Since our services are priced so low with no effect on quality, it makes business sense to outsource content production and posting to our team and spend your time on marketing and other activities.

You are free to charge whatever you feel like to your end customers. Our team acts as your back office and ensures that content development and posting to various social media sites on your behalf.

How it works?

  • Sign up on our website as a white label reseller. Our team will generate a reseller code and provide it to you.
  • For each new client, just sign up as a normal client and use the reseller code provided to you. Also, use your contact details while signing up and not your clients.
  • We’d assign a dedicated content manager to you and ensure that all communications regarding the project happens with you.
  • We act as your back office content team in this case and for us, the point of contact for all information, questions would be you. Our visibility to your clients would be zero.
  • As a reseller, you get 10% discount on the monthly payments after the 2nd client you submit to us. . As an example, you don’t get a discount when you sign up your first client to us. When you sign up your 2nd client with us, you get 10% discount.
  • All our services are covered under our strict NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) guidelines. GetFabContent team NEVER tries to contact your clients or informs them about our existence.

Benefits to resellers:

  • Add another revenue stream to your business
  • Provide your clients with a convenient “one-stop shop” experience, which increases client spend and brand loyalty
  • Create an additional selling point when acquiring new customers
  • Offer a scalable solution that grows as you grow